A tsunami is one of the worst natural disasters to ever occur out of a body of water. During a tsunami, an element that is so much an important part of our bodies and the earth has a devastating effect on those same bodies and land mass that it needs to inhabit. Tsunamis result when a large body of water becomes displaced from its initial geographic location. Tsunamis are a natural disaster has been responsible for taking the lives of so many. There are some areas that are more prone to experiencing tsunamis than others. Tsunamis are typically going to occur in those areas where there is such a large body of water in the surrounding. If a large portion of this body of water becomes displaced, a tsunami is bound to occur. No matter where or when a tsunami occurs, it is bound to have a disturbing effect on that entire geographic area.

1. The word tsunami is from the Japanese language. It means “harbor wave.” Due to the fact that the word tsunami gets its origin from the Japanese language, it is not at all surprising to know that tsunamis most frequently occur in Japan. To date, Japan has had close to 200 tsunamis throughout its recorded history.

2. A tsunami usually occurs when the plates of a body of water radically comes out of place, causing large sums of water to be displaced. One of the most dangerous aspects of tsunamis that causes them to be so destructive is their speed. A tsunami moves at a pace that is much faster than a person can run. The impeccable speed of a tsunami is the key aspect that causes it to have such a detrimental effect on the surrounding population.

3. There are a slew of large efforts that have been initiated in order to avoid there being a tsunami again. One of the measures that are being taken comes on behalf of the United Nations Disaster Mitigation Committee. The United Nations Disaster Mitigation Committee is investigating bodies of water all across the globe to see if there is a potential tsunami threat in any of the given areas.

4. An additional approach that the United Nations Disaster Mitigation Committee is taken in order to ensure that no region has to be exposed to the awful effects of tsunamis is installing warning systems that will detect any potential tsunami threats. In order to avoid tsunamis from erupting, the United Nations Disaster Mitigation Committee is installing these computer devices to detect any threats well in advance before they have the potential to come into fruition.

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